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Delhites can share civic problems on RWABhagidari blog

Terms & conditions for being

a member of EDJF


Purpose of launching of East Delhi Joint Front ( in short EDJF ) is to raise the basic civic problems of the residents of East Delhi on collective basis i.e. if a small problem exists in any locality, it can be raised through EDJF but under the banner of that local RWA. But in case the same problem exists in more than one localities & treated as a common civic issue, it can be raised through EDJF.


The members & office bearers are supposed to take approval from the undersigned before raising any such issue on the banner of EDJF. The purpose is to keep everything in a systematic manner.


No personal enemity, no cheap publicity, only the social causes with the purpose of duty to the society.

  We reserve our right to refuse any application or to delete the name of any member or office bearer if he is found engaged in any unauthorised activity.  

Please note that these are the basic conditions and any new terms can be added to it any time & therefore it is your duty to keep on checking this page regularly. We will not intimate you personally & mere uploading on this page will deem to be an intimation to you.


EDJF, its members, office bearers will not be responsible in any way to any one for any unauthorised activity done by any of the member or office bearer on the name of EDJF.

  With best regards  
  B S Vohra  

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