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B S Vohra


Environment Activist, RWA Activist, Blogger, Citizen Journalist, Social Activist


B S Vohra is an Environmental Activist, RWA Activist, Blogger & a Citizen Journalist from Delhi, India. His field of activities include : Environment, Pollution, Mobile Tower Radiation, UV Index, Drinking water, Power & Electricity issues with DERC as well Sanitation,  Parking problem,  Traffic jam issues,  Water logging, etc.  He has no political affiliation and is the Real Voice of Delhi. He is a big CRITIC with a clear cut affiliation towards the residents of the city.  

He can be viewed regularly in debates, chats, discussions on various TV channels, as well Print media, raising various issues very boldly. Some of his vids on different TV channels can be viewed on his "RWABhagidari You Tube Channel".  He is the Founder, President of the, "East Delhi RWAs Joint Front', a Federation of RWAs from east Delhi. He is the Ex Vice - Chairman of GHPS, Hargobind Enclave.  He was also a member of the District Development Committee.  


He is a Social Activist, working regularly on various Social & Civic issues such as : Environment, Pollution, Mobile Tower Radiation, UV Index, Power Tariff & related issues with DERC, Drinking water, Traffic jam, Parking, Water Logging, sanitation, etc. His activities can be viewed from the Links below :


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Live Debate - Panel Discussion - NDTV

Live Debate - Panel Discussion - Zee News



Live Debate - AAJTAK

Live Debate - India Today TV





Live Debate - Panel Discussion - CNN IBN

Live Debate - Panel Discussion - IBN7


B S Vohra - Delhi Aajtak - 2018


much more to follow soon


B S Vohra - various Published RTIs on Environmental issues, Drinking water , Power.....


He is also an  RTI Activist with various RTIs published & Covered by Top Print Media & TV News Channels.


You can view  some of his Published RTIs on this portal.



with thanks - Hindustan Times


B S Vohra - Founder, President, East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Federation


He is also very well connected with the RWA Movement ( Civil Society Movement ) of Delhi and has the largest network of RWAs under his banner, "RWABhagidari". He is the Founder of top ranking "RWABhagidari Blog" and "RWABhagidari Web portal". He is also the Founder President of RWAs Federation, 'East Delhi RWAs Joint Front'. 


Some of the very important meets organised by him :





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Felicitation by URJA


B S Vohra, Blogger, Citizen Journalist, Delhi/New Delhi, India


He is also a Top rated Blogger and treats himself as a Citizen Journalist to raise various Social & Civic issues for the welfare of our Society. Blogging is his passion and he is a very serious & mature Blogger. He has many blogs in his kitty & RWABhagidari Blog is one of them with very wide reach amongst the RWAs of Delhi.



With thanks - The Hindu

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