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Harleen the Storyteller from New Delhi, India

Harleen the StoryTeller

Harleen Kaur Vohra


Storytelling is a novel concept where a person narrates the stories or anecdotes, for influencing other people. It's a powerful tool of communication, to inform, engage, and inspire the key audience. It's a process where one has to structure the ideas, facts, and data into a logically convincing story with the help of narratives. It involves a deep understanding of human emotions, motivations, and psychology in order to truly move an audience. 

Harleen Kaur Vohra is a Young, Dynamic, and a Brilliant StoryTeller. After completing her Graduation in English Hons., she has developed a great sense of influencing the people by way of stories. She has a perfect tone, Voice clarity, Body language, Characters & Pacing to engage the audience.

Harleen Kaur Vohra  



 You can Contact Harleen Kaur Vohra, via her Email ID as below:
 harleenhkv@gmail.com          www.harleenstoryteller.blogspot.com

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