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Terms & Conditions :

  Please feel free to visit this RWA Web Portal,  
  But, Subject to the terms of use as below :  
  The purpose of making this web portal is, solely to bring the RWA's of Delhi, on a common platform.  
  We have tried our best, to compile the data from various sources including direct talks, with a majority of listers.  

Still we can not guarantee that all the Entries, names mentioned, addresses, contact details are totally correct.


If you find any listing with a wrong name, address, office bearers, contact details, please feel free to mail us with correct details.


We will try our best to change, alter, add / remove, any old or new listing as per our convenience.


The listings in the RWA Directory section have been added absolutely free of cost and therefore, we hereby make it very clear that, we at RWABhagidari, the owners, administrators, workers, staff, members will not be responsible in any way, what so ever it may be, to anyone.


We hereby reserve our right to refuse any listing, without assigning any reasons.


If these terms are not suitable to you, please do not proceed further in this web portal. We will be thankful to you.



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